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Welcome to 309-GTi.co.uk, the place to buy and sell cars and parts via the online community.  This site has been created to try and help owners of Peugeot 309's maintain and restore their vehicle's back to former glory. Being an owner of a 309 goodwood I found it near impossible to find any descent sources of information specifically for the 309 so this website has been created.

I hope you find this site of use and if you have any comments, requests or information you feel would be of interest please do not hesitate to contact me.



The Peugeot 309 GTI was introduced in 1987. It shares the same Engine/Gearbox as it's smaller Brother, the 205 GTI 1.9, it has a bigger body, and different suspension settings.

Thanks in part to improved weight distribution between the front and rear axles compared to the 205 GTi, the 309 GTi is a much better handling car.

The Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 had already been one of the best handling cars in it's class ever made, but it's transition from Power Understeer, to Liftoff Oversteer was somewhat twitchy, and I could dare say even dangerous if for any reason you had to lift the throttle or brake mid Bend, then you'd probably spin before realizing what happened!


The Peugeot 309 GTi however remains stubbornly neutral up to the limit (it can also lift a rear inside wheel), unless excessive power is applied which in this case mild Understeer predominates. Lifting off the throttle mid-bend results in BEAUTIFULLY controlled Oversteer, with everything happening so predictably that your Grand Mother could Control it.

Autocar and Motor Magazine voted the Peugoet 309 GTi as "Best Hot Hatch" for 3 years in a row, Max Power Magazine Quoted "The 309 GTi handles similarly to the 205 GTi BUT MUCH BETTER!!" and "The more you push this car, the BETTER it Gets!".

This last comment is certainly true and I can say that the handling of most cars falls apart as speed increases, however the 309 GTi feels more taut and responsive the faster you go! (Around bends of course).


Until this moment the 309 GTi and Goodwood are still considered by many as one of the best handling Front wheel drive cars ever made.

Good handling cars generally suffer from bad ride quality, but with the 309 GTI this is not the case. It absorbs equally well small and big bumps at any speed, and only big bumps that are taken at town speeds can jitter the 309 GTi.

The secret lies in the fact that the suspension characteristics given to the car (and most Modern French cars in Particular), which include relatively SOFT springing, anti-dive and anti-lift suspension design, VERY stiff anti-roll bars, and well matched damping can make this car resist body roll, diving during braking, and lift during acceleration, and still provide ride quality, most (Non-French) cars wouldn't even dream of!

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